Friday, November 19, 2010

Special packages in the mail..

Thankyou Rachael for such a wonderful Secert Santa package! I love it all!!!

Thankyou Suztats! I'm glad we both love Diinosaurs!


God's Kid said...

Awesome! :)

BSOTF said...

Thankyou! I'm very pleased with both of the packages.

Suztats said...

Wow! Love all that thread! It looks yummy, and I'm glad you like dinosaur bones!

BSOTF said...

Thankyou, the thread is very nice. There's two shuttles with it too. Yes, I love the dinosaur bones alot! LOL!!

Isa said...

Wonderful Secret Santa! I'm waiting for my :)
Lucky you and congratulations for such wonderful thread and lovely present you get from your tatting friends.
My best wishes to you from a cold saturday day here in Scandinavia.
Thanks for your comment in my blog and for me it's a pleasure to share.

BSOTF said...

Thankyou! I'm so glad that you stop by to visit. Yes, teaching & sharing is what life is about. That's how we keep it going forward. I was very pleased with the Secret Santa gift & the one from Suztat too. They made my day to recive out of the blue like that. Have a wonderful day! It's not an oven here either. Winter time is upon us too.