Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday bookmark tatting

No, you aren't seeing things. I done a switch up while making it. There's only one start & one ending to it. Happy Holiday Season to all!


Tattingrid said...

What a nice personalized bookmark! And funny to see that tatters are gradully getting into making Chrismas things.. What's next?

BSOTF said...

Thankyou, I thought it would be a nice trick to doing such a bookmark. What's next well,,,promise not to tell...Santa comes to each of our houses & spinkles tatting things all around to make more things with! Happy Holidays!

Fox said...


Thank you for your lovely comment today. We have had our Thanksgiving already, here in Canada, and it was wonderful.

I hope you have just as enjoyable a festivity. Enjoy the holiday!
Fox : )

BSOTF said...

Thankyou for the comment & holiday wishes. I'm thrilled to hear that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving already. Later this week we'll be setting up for Christmas! Warm Holiday wishes to you too!!!

Tattingrid said...

Oh, you guys are so early with your Christmas. You know, we first have Sinterklaas at Dec. 5. Sinterklaas brings us presents, all the way from Spain, did you know? And then, next, Santa (we call him Kerstman) comes: presents again. Isn't December a wonderful month?

BSOTF said...

Wow, you have to tell me more of the first holiday. I never heard of it. But it sounds wonderful! Plus you get sweet is that!? Well, if I start now to get ready for Christmas..I might get done by Christmas. LOL! Happy Holidays!!

Suztats said...

That is a nice bookmark, Bsotf! All Christmasy, too! Do you tuck it into a gift book, or into a stocking?

BSOTF said...

I don't know for after I got it done...I was thinking of how it could also go on an orniment too. Starts out to be one thing & could end up being something else..that's my thinking again outside the box. LOL! You are a Classy Lady! Hugs!!