Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hemp cord yellow mets Lizbeth Zebra

During the morning storms that caused flooding in the area, I couldn't do much of anything so I decided to play with hemp cord & Lizbeth Zebra. I found out that I was human due to I messed up. I had to start over on what is in my head but that's ok. At least I got some tatting in today & that's a huge thing with all that's going on. But I'm going to get it worked out & be rather pleased when it's all finished.


Suztats said...

Love to see you playing again, Bsotf, I learn so much when you do. It looks as though the hemp is a different size than the thread you're using. Or is it just me?

BSOTF said...

The hemp was the same size as the Lizbeth, but I have to pull it tighter, due to it's so much stiffer. But yes, I have been getting some play time in. I'm glad to know someone likes my playing around cause we both learn from it..LOL!