Friday, December 10, 2010

Look who is decorating trees!!!

 Gee, I wonder who decorated this tree. I am missing a string of lights, some decorations & jingle bells. Beats me on where they went to. Well, I hope who took them enjoy them this year & returns them so I can use them next year on our tree. LOL!


Suztats said...

Is that a Christmas Palm Tree? Cute! Are those elves visiting you and getting into mischief?

BSOTF said...

Curous George is who is decorating that tree. He's my landlord's monkey that my landlord don't know he has. He took some of my lights & decorations with a few jingle bells & done my landlord's tree. Yes, it is a Palm Tree. Now I'm waiting to see how long it takes my landlord to notice it. I guess even monekys like getting visits from Santa & loves Christmas!

jill said...

Send him round to my house when he's done yours please

BSOTF said...

We'll have to ask my landlord cause the monkey belongs to him. He might go for it. But you know for a monkey I don't think he done too bad of a job. He wasn't done cause there is a bell in his one hand & I think that he was climbinbg up to put it someplace. LOL! But at least the monkey is in the holiday spirit. Maybe the moneky likes the Christmas story too. He knows it is good to give in ways others might not expect.
Merry Christmas!