Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mailman loved our names on the outside of the package!

My mailman loved this package. He didn't know what was on the inside but he got a kick out of your names on the outside.This was from waterdew. She put my name on another site "Little Bell" on the outside with my name. Which is why the mailman got a little laugh in a good way over our names. I was excited to get it cause I didn't know when or where it would be coming from. This is my other secret santa gift. I am thrilled to get it! Now I can see what things comes to life using it all. Should be alot of fun! The decorations was put on our tree & made right at home! Happy Holidays to all!


Suztats said...

Yes, I guess that would bring a smile to the postman. Especially this time of year! I can just hear that 'little bell' jingling! lol
What nice gifties you received! I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

BSOTF said...

The little Christmas tree that she sent me does have a little bell on the top of it. Which was really cool! Yes, I can't wait to get to making some more things using this stuff with other stuff I have.

Tats said...

OOOH I am soooo jealous! Very nice gifts! Nice to see you again.....oh wait a minute it was ME who was m.i.a. LOL

BSOTF said...

You have no reason to be jealous, you will get your gift yet too. But I'll sit with you until you do & we'll make things together!