Sunday, October 3, 2010

I love it! Today we was watching & saw that this week is craft week on tv on one channle. Which I thought every day is a creative day at our house. Yes, we do something creative every day not just once or twice a week. Nor do we wait for a certain week or month. Cause it's a great way for little ones to learn & older people ( meaning me) to relax to excape all the stress life has to whip at a person. Anyway I hope everyone a wonderful day creating & enjoying what ever the craft is you love to do! So keep thinking outside the box & see what you  come up with to keep your craft growing!


Gina said...

I agree.

It's kind of funny how we categorize our lives. I think getting up each morning is the first creative venture of the day.
That's when you decide what kind of mood you're going to be in and what you will accomplish throughout the day and how. Just because it seems ordinary and inevitable doesn't mean there is not a creative act involved. If we get creative with the work we get paid for, it's usually far more rewarding than just getting a paycheck. I don't think it's possible to limit creativity to a "craft project".

BSOTF said...

You are right! Getting up in the morning through our whole day is creating & it's not just limited to doing crafts. However I have a habit of looking at life through little one's eyes. My friends know that doing anything that's part of normal life has a way of becoming an adventure in my book. Which it all depends on how you look at things in life. So if we all keep thinking outside the box & creating everything we do everyday!