Monday, September 13, 2010

Hand woven rug for doll house

Over 15 years ago I done this rug for a doll house & used an embroidery hoop for my loom.


God's Kid said...

You were creative! I made Barbie doll clothes out of scrap material, strings, and.....toilet paper(we didn't have money for material so I used what we had), oh, and we used mom's flowers too. :D

BSOTF said...

God's kid,
I know what you mean about using what you have to make things. I taught a couple of girls how to eat with chop sticks when we was kids & we used knitting needles. We didn't have any restaunts in the area at the time. As for their mom she couldn't figure out why her knitting needles were sticky when her girls forgot to wash them off. She also had problems with her work not being back on right from time to time. Oops, I showed them how to do it. LOL! Any how that's why I never say no to using something but how can it be done & use things not expected.