Thursday, August 12, 2010

Choker tatting

Choker tatted with Flora Royal Blue & Lizbeth Red Burst


BSOTF said...

That is so cute! The basic pattern isn´t that hard, and yet you turn it into something original!Compliments, Ingrid

Plus you can have alot of fun figuring out the how you want it to be too. Thankyou, I'm glad that you like it.

Fox : )

Thankyou, Fox!

Very nice! :)
Thankyou God's Kid

Arty Lady's blog said...

Very nice indeed. You are always producing such lovely work.

BSOTF said...

Arty Lady,
Thankyou, I'm glad that you enjoy what I make. I do like what you do to.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Love your creativity. You are always coming up with something new. I'm so glad you are enjoying your tatting.

BSOTF said...

Thankyou, I do enjoy tatting. I hope that what I do helps those learning how to tat that they can make things from the start or shortly after they get the rings, double stitches & picots. So they keep at it to learn more. Maybe come up with some of their own stuff too.

Singtatter said...

Love the choker, pattern colour and all! Make me wanted to tat one too, though the weather here is rather hot and humid to weat one :(

BSOTF said...

Thankyou, I know what you mean about the heat & waring chokers. When you do I will be looking forward to seeing it.