Saturday, September 25, 2010

Praying angel handwoven

This praying angel was given as a gift. If you think it's done wrong, it's not. Just the outter part is spose to be done.


Suztats said...

Sometimes in art what isn't there can be as important as what is not.

Suztats said...

ooops! Corrected: In art, sometimes what is not there is as important as what is.

BSOTF said...

You are right! Sometimes it's not what isn't there that matters. But these kinds of weavings most have a problem doing due to they can't get the packing right. But the lady who got it wasn't expecting it at all. She was amazed to learn that what she had told me as a kid, I had still remembered about "Angel Mothers". She was very thrilled to get it. Thankyou, for getting why I said," it's not done wrong, that's how it's spose to be."