Tuesday, August 10, 2010

complete set of tatting books by Mary Konior

Going to the mail box ment that the mail man & lady had packages here & there in the post office. I've been busy checking them out over & over. Slowly I'm getting my book collections completed.


BSOTF said...

A collection to envy, for sure!
Happy Bluebird

Happy Bluebird,
I've had Judith's books for some time now. I use them to do rescearch & to figure out things. I really enjoy them alot! Plus her & I keep in touch. As for Mary Konior's books, they was the ones the post office has packages all over the place. Which was funny when I went to pick the mail up. Thankyou, I just thought others starting out might like to see some of the many books out there.

You are off to a great start! Congratulations on your latest additions.Eliz (tatknot)

These are just some of the books I have. I try to get complete sets when possible. So I have the complete set. I have others that I will be posting as well. So those starting out can see suggestions of books that might help them to learn how to do things better or all together.
Thankyou for your cheerleading on the collection.

sewmuchfun4: Thanks for posting this set. I have Tatting With Visual Patterns and had heard of Mary Konior's other books - even looked them up - but have never seen the covers.

:) Ann

I know just what you mean. That's the reason I done this. Cause you are right it's not easy to find out what books look like all the time. I try to help others in unexpected ways. No, I didn't do this to breg. But to help others learn & see some of the many books out there. I will be adding other books as time goes on that I have just for this reason. I'm thrilled that I was able to help you. Thankyou for stopping by & come again.

Isa :Lucky you :)! I love your collection with such interesting pattern ! Congratulation.
My best wishes to you in this beautiful day...

Thankyou very much. I do agree that there are many books out there & those starting out or have been looking for information on them,,can use this kind of help. I just want to help others learn what the books look like & then decide if they would like such books. I'm not pushing any of the books or bregging. But I am glad that you too enjoy interesting patterns as I do.
I hope you enjoy all the blessings that today has instore for you.

Fox :Oh! That blue Mary Konior in the centre - what IS that!!

I thought I had collected all there was, and I managed to get four before she passed away, when the prices were actually not bad if one looked carefully - not like now.

But this one I have never seen! Lucky you!
Fox : )

It explains how to do tatting. It's more like a pamplet instead of a book. But then again back then pamplets were counted as books. I'm so glad that they are able to help others. I watched the prices I paid for them too.

Fox :Thanks for the info! And the visit!
Fox : )

You are welcomed on both. But we are spose to help each other for that's what the tatting world is all about. There's alot I don't know myself about tatting & other crafts but I'm willing to learn & listen. Glad you stopped by to visit.

Imoshen said...

Wow, your collection is really amazing! I have to keep my digital..toddlers are not respectful of paper. It amuses them too much when it goes..rip!

BSOTF said...

I know what you mean about little ones & paper. I have one who loves to find pens or markers & apply art work to all of it. But little ones know my books are not their's so they can't touch. They get to do art stuff but when supervised!